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Northern Mat and Bridge Dirt Oval

Northern Bridge & Mat Rentals Ltd. specializes in providing temporary access structures,
servicing primarily the oil and gas industry in Western Canada since 1999. We manufacture
temporary and permanent bridges structures as well as 3 ply wooden access mats, and steel
frame rig mats. Our products are used to access resource rich areas and allow the extraction
of these valuable resources while minimizing the effects on the environment.

Northern Bridge & Mat Rentals Ltd. owns and operates a modern fleet of equipment and trucks
capable of servicing all of our customer’s delivery and installation requirements. Our many
skilled supervisors and equipment operators get the job done on time and within budget while
maintaining the highest standards of safety. With many locations throughout Western Canada,
Northern Bridge & Mat Rentals Ltd is well positioned to service the growing demands of
British Columbia’s oil and gas industry, with yards and inventory located in Dawson Creek, Fort
St. John and Fort Nelson.

Northern Bridge & Mat Rentals Ltd. has many different styles of bridges for various
applications and can manufacture and install any type of temporary or permanent bridge
structure. We manage stream crossings for our customers from the initial phases of
engineering and permitting through to construction and certification.

Our access mats are often used to access areas through soft, impassable terrain as well as
environmentally sensitive areas. We manufacture 3 ply oak wooden access mats, 3 ply fir/oak
hybrid wooden access mats, and steel frame rig mats. These mats are used to construct
temporary access roads and temporary leases. Once projects are completed these mats are
removed from the area and reused on other projects. Use of these mats allows for the
extension of the drilling and exploration season with little to no effect on the environment.
All bridges and mats are available for rent or purchase. We provide an attractive lease to own
option, as well as many other options that can be discussed.

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