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Supplying manpower and a cash donation of $1,000.


R&S Agencies has provided the Insurance at no charge for both raffle cars the 1970 GTX and the 2005 Corvette.

Eagle Directional Drilling

Installing the drain pipe for our Dirt Oval and Demolition tracks.

Emil Stiger

Has provided a Packer for the motorpark to use during construction.


Donating pipe for our construction needs, and we need a lot.

Joey's Place

Completed the detailing on our 1970 GTX Raffle car and made it shine like no other.

Knights of Columbus

The Knights have been helping out from the start by handling the gate admission for our events.

Maverick Supply

Rick and Kathy thanks for the special pricing you have offered the park for this project. The new bleachers are working well. We will need a lot more stuff.

Mint Maintenance

Thanks Mike for laying out the geotextile and all the work you have done on the track. Sargent Farms

Sargent Farms

Calvin has had equipment on site whenever we need it. He has been land leveling and supplied watering equipment for the track.

Shaw Oilfield ServicesTerry Albach

Has provided a packer for the motorpark to use during construction.

Terry Albach

Terry has created the new logo for Central Alberta Raceways. It looks great and can be seen on our new marketing material.

Thunder Road

Lloyd has been supplying the security fencing for all the events at no charge and this not only makes a safe event it also looks good.


Thanks for the contribution of Fuel for the equipment on site.

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