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Successful conclusion to the Wade Larsen Demolition Derby (sponsored by Classic Embroidery)

Sunday September 26th saw the successful conclusion to CAR's race season.  The weather was a bit of a mixed bag, ranging from brief intermittent showers to a beautiful sunny fall afternoon.  Fortunately the weather did not deter groves of dedicated fans from taking in the last event of the 2010 race season. The day was action packed...

with several events taking place which deserve special mention.  Congratulations goes out to Darrell Neufeld of Blackfalds the winner of the Kinsmen demolition derby car raffle (Hobby Stock car raffle is still to be drawn May 14, 2011).

The demolition derby final proved to a very exciting endurance event between three finalist.  It was amazing the damage each car took and yet somehow they were able to keep coming back for more.  When the smoke, literally cleared, the final three were:

  1. Neil Wyncht
  2. Kris Haavind
  3. Lee Birsik

The always heart pound "bump to pass" oval race did not let us down.  Congratulations goes out to:

  1. Dan Bold
  2. Mike Black
  3. Bill Stuart

Click here for the complete listing of standings.

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