The following line-up procedures are utilized bay all classes running at Central Alberta Raceways, unless the visiting club has there own line-up procedures and orangzer to enforce adherence.
Heat 1: Upon registering an automated program randomly assigns each racer a number between 0-1 (For example. 0.999999999...).  This random generated number represents the starting order (lowest to highest)
Heat 2: The top 12 drivers are award a points based upon eachtheir Heat 1 finishing position (1st-12pts, 2nd-11pts, 3rd-10pts, etc).  The field is then inverted, therefore the top finshers will be starting at the back.  NOTE: If running A and B heats to accomodate numerous racers then the top finisher from the first heat races will be placed in Heat 2B while slower cars shall run in Heat 2A.  The premise being for tigher heating for both driver and spectator excitment.
Main:  Points earned in both Heat 1 & 2 races are added and then inverted to determine starting postion.  Thus that have earned most points will be starting at the rear, while those with the least points from that race day will have pole position.
NOTE:  These procedures are intentionally force drivers to race for points not position.  If a driver intentionally does poorly in the heat races throwing away valuable heat points (max 24pts) to simply gain a better starting position in the Main there they may earn max of 24pts.
As noted above, the inverted race field has proven to be far more exciting for both drivers and spectators as each racer earns their points.